About Us

WELCOME To Kalamata Grill!

Our menu has been created to offer many Greek food favourites that are great for a quick lunch on the go or delicious Dinners to take home.

All of our recipes and products are made from a combination of authentic traditional recipes and quality Greek food suppliers.

If you would like to arrange for ‘Family Style’ we can package up your order for 6-20 people with advance notice. Please contact us earlier in the day for this service.

We make all our Spanokopita, Tiropita & Baklava in house and use chicken breast & pork tenderloin in our souvlaki. Our Greek salads are made fresh daily and our Kalamata Olives are out of the jug straight from Kalamata Greece. They are delicious!

Join us today at Kalamata Grill!

To order now call 778-526-8300